Community and Fellowship

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayers.” Acts 2:42

There is something for anyone looking for a way to get plugged in. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few of our groups that you can check out. Our Growth Groups, inspired by Acts 2:42, are intended to allow deeper connections with one another on many levels in addition to our weekly worship and study opportunities. You’ve got purpose, and the Lord has a plan. The first step in being the church is getting to know who Christ is and who you are in relationship to others in the Spiritual Body of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Garden Clip Art 5335United Methodist Women

Our United Methodist Women (UMW) meet periodically for a quick catch-up meeting at the back of the church after Worship. UMW raises funds to support various missions and ministries of the church.

United Methodist MenMART-ICONS-emergency-relief

Our Bardsdale United Methodist Men (BUMMs) meet periodically.  The BUMMs work on projects that benefit our church and community, and recently developed a safety and security plan in the event of a natural disaster or other major emergency.

theater-masks2Worship Drama Group

Do you want to add new dimensions to our worship experience? Do you want to experience the richness of God’s work in new ways? Then be a part of our worship drama team.  Interested? Talk to Jenn Hurd.

Group Studies

The church offers a number of studies: the Disciple Bible studies, Gospel studies, as well as Christian book studies. The studies vary in length and are offered throughout the year. See our current list of studies here.