Gifts of Stock

Gifting Appreciated Stock to Bardsdale UMC

If you are considering a charitable donation, giving stock may be one of the most effective methods.  Gifting appreciated stock reduces taxes while supporting organizations you care about.

Benefits of Gifting Appreciated Stock:

  1. You do not pay capital gains tax on your securities
  2. You receive a larger tax deduction by making a pre-tax contribution
  3. You support an organization you care about, and can effectively give more.

Note:  It is important to speak with your tax professional to insure the maximum value and deduction of your gift.

Bardsdale United Methodist Church invests with Morgan Stanley.  You can donate your stocks and mutual funds by giving your broker the following transfer information:

Broker: Morgan Stanley Investments

Morgan Stanley Investments’ DTC Number*:  0015

Account Name:  Bardsdale United Methodist Church

Account Number: 244-03148

Bardsdale UMC Federal Employer ID No.:  95-6000222   

*DTC = Depository Trust Company – facilitates the electronic transfer of securities

Morgan Stanley, and other retail firms, cannot accept proprietary mutual funds.  A proprietary mutual fund is created when the bank or brokerage firm that distributes the fund also acts as an investment advisor for the fund.  Verify with your broker, before attempting to transfer, that your mutual fund may be held in a retail account.

It is also necessary to notify Bardsdale UMC that you are transferring investments to the church.  We will see the incoming security but we will not know who it is from unless you notify the church.  Advise us of the securities you are transferring and when they are being transferred.  Please also notify us if you would like to donate to a specific ministry or to one that we are currently lifting up for support. Please email the following individuals with this information when you have instructed your broker to transfer securities to the church: