Prayer List

Prayer Concerns: Marcia Heerema (hip replacement), Sonia Regalado, Zach Lotshaw (sick), Carolyn Diaz (sick), Sarah Fouhy (broken hand), Barbara Olson (legs), Laura Shaw (Covid), Arron Diaz Family, John Grainger (stroke), Cal-Pac Cabinet (deciding on our new pastor), Jim Grainger (Back pain), Gary Johnson (hernias), Tom and Marilyn Mattick, Rachel and Warren, Linda Wareham, Kim Wallace (cancer), Russ (depression) and Karen, Dylan, Colds, Alex and Theo, Cal-Arts Teacher’s Son (asthma coma), OSALV, Active Adult Center Coordiator, Pastor Bethany (escrow closing), Paul Nielsen, Folks in War Zones, Folks in Extreme Weather, Teresa Norris, Andrew, Gracie Mitchell, Jim LeBard (knee), Matt, Joshua Trapasso, Marsha Porter, Caregivers, Barbara Creighton, M Hunter, Michael Hoffman, El Dorado Gate to Stoplight, Ma’Lyiah White, Marcus Ortiz, Sharon and Mark Hurd, Alma (husband died), Lori (arm), Caroline Francis Winters (end of life), Donna Johnson, Rudolph (cancer), Health Care Workers, Working Poor, Mental Health, Rueben (dialysis), Jennifer (cancer), our Earth, Michelle and Emma Patterson, Joyce Bergthold, Paula (sepsis), Jeremias (mom died), Phyllis DeMarco Family.

Prayer Praises: Greg Seeley (Graduated Nashota Episcopal Seminary; Pat Morris’ son), Sarai Galido (Graduating), Rayne Graham (sheltering Laura Shaw in Vancouver BC), Donna Johnson and Marsha Porter (comng to church), Susan Johnson, Chris and Emma (marrying), Gary Johnson, Don Grainger’s 100th!! Teresa Norris’ Bench, RAIN!! Vesper’s Choir, Sarah Fouhy, Michaella Moom, Alejandra Moreno, Kris Rahamad;  Elyssia and Brianna (Judi’s grands: both Dean’s List), Laura Shaw, Rosie Dalton, Carolyn Diaz’s Line Dancing Returns! Bob Morris’ 81!! Grandkids, Woody, Kim Wallace (home), Michael (success!!), Doctors, Brother David, Gardening, Bethany Cox, Gracie Mitchell (hard cast off), Henry Hurd (3 pics in paper), Kasey Crawford, Family Harmony, Firefighters, Sean Morris, Garrett, Hospice, Repair Warranties, James, Linda Wareham, New Owners of El Dorado, Sarah Hansen, Soldiers of Freedom, Dan Michel (yard care), Martha Gentry, Mimi Burns, Family Gatherings, Hank Almanza and crew (sprinkler fix), Caregivers, Rebecca (Bergthold grddtr; here!), Workouts, Barb Olson, El Buen Pastor (bldg fixed), Judi (car fixed), Kaiah’s Work, Young Love, Grandkids, Horseback Riding, Marcus Ortiz, Albert Morales; Mike (Successful brain surgery) and Katelyn Jones (niece of Pam Torres); Edie and Rex Varney! Josh Trapasso (job at Ventura County!), Uncle Steve (recovery).

Travel Mercies: Paul and Heather Nielsen, Laura Shaw, Sports Families, All Grandparents, Hortiales Family, All Those @ the Border, Cruise-ers, 2!-Houses!-Blessed Folks, All Commuters, All First Responders, All School Folks,  All Truck Drivers, All Health Care Workers, All Firefighters, All Essential Workers, All Ag Workers, All Migrants, All Homeless Folks, All War and/or Economic Refugees and/or Asylees, Trafficked Folks, 88+Million “Displaced” World Wide.

Gone to Glory: Arron Diaz, Dennis Pritchard, Marilyn Griffin, Alex, All War Dead World Wide,  Raul Torres, Harry (Linda Wareham’s beloved dog), Leo Fong (UMC Pastor), Dennis Melton (US AirForce), Carlos Serafin, Jeff Sanders (friend of Tom), Lynn Howard (co-worker with Zach), Matt DeMarco, Ellen Whiting (Marcia H’s cousin), Glenn Newman (uncle of Zach), Carol Clark (friend of Pat Morris), Rev. Denyse Barnes’ Mom, Patricia Cordova Diaz (sister of Carmen Hortiales), Angie Foster Rowland (mom of Justin (Swetman) Foster), Stu Rassmusin (friend of Pastor Bethany’s sister, Barb), Larry Stamper (Pastor of Burbank UMC for 32 years), Jeffrey Joe Swenson (Husband of UMC Bishop Mary Ann Swenson), Ari Larson (Beloved of Fillmore), Shannon Peterson Borger, Alma’s Husband.

North District Covenant Churches and Pastors:

St. Andrew UMC … Pastor Eric Scott

North Hills Hispanic Mission … Pastor Ervin Aguilar

Please email Zachary at, with prayer praises and/or prayer concerns.  Have friends email the church for ZOOM numbers, so they can get the email with the prayers and songs each week.  Bless you all.