Sunday Worship

“Not An Ordinary Church”


Smell the nearby blooming orange trees. See the warm welcome of smiling faces. Feel the embrace of hearts who wish to make you feel at home. Hear the ringing of the bell, and laughing of our children on the front steps during our Children’s Sermon. Listen to the choir, the hand bells, the pipe organ, and the people ringing out the joyous sounds of our family worship. Breath in the life of each sermon we experience through Bethany Carpenter, our minister who always has such spirit and heartfelt emotion inspired through every word in the gospel.  Sit and find yourself welcome in our home. We welcome you home.

Bethany Carpenter is our minister. We are blessed to have her as a part of our congregation, and leader of this flock in Bardsdale. We hope you get the chance to listen to one of her very beautifully composed teachings about what our gracious God would like for us to learn.

Communion is celebrated every Sunday where the table is open to all who wish to partake. Our Choir performs every Sunday, sharing their talents with a grateful congregation.

We would be so happy to worship with you in person or over ZOOM. You are among friends here at Bardsdale and we invite you to relax and hopefully feel right at home. If you have any questions please feel free to ask any one of our kind and loving members.