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List of Items Needed for Asylum Seekers Program at the Border

Gallon Bag

Lotion – travel size
Shampoo – travel size
3 Bar Soap – travel/hotel size
Comb 7” size
Kleenex pack- small
(Sandwich bag)

Sandwich Bag

Toothpaste – 1.5oz size
Disposable Razor
Band Aids (5)

Drop off is at El Buen Pastor UMC Santa Paula – Fridays 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Our ONE STOP shower program also needs men underwear and socks. 

Clothing to the Border

Pastor Joel Hortiales will be going to the Border once a month.
Taking the Clean and Gently Used, and/or New
Clothing for all sizes of people (babies, children, youth, adults)
Warm clothing and socks are especially needed.  Money is also accepted.
Call Pastor Bethany (575-708-1615), or contact Marcia Heerema to donate.