Annual Pledge

Our Sunday offerings go the General Fund which is used to pay the church’s routine bills such as advertising, utilities, Sunday School materials, and staff salaries. We rely on your annual pledge to build our budget and understand how much income will be available for operating purposes during the year.  Your annual pledge is requested each January (December? Other month?), but you can make or amend your pledge at any time during the year by printing this page and completing and returning the form below. 


Estimate of Giving 2021

With a grateful heart for God’s boundless generosity and as an expression of my Christian stewardship, I/we make this commitment for Bardsdale United Methodist Church and the ministry of this congregation:

            My/our commitment is:         $ ___________ per week, or

                                                            $ ___________ per month, or

                                                            $ ___________ per year

I understand I may adjust this estimate of giving at any time by contacting the church office.

Name: ______________________________________        Date: ________________________

Address:  _____________________________________________________________________

Address 2:  ____________________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________      Email: ____________________________________